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Who May Apply?

The EB-5 Program:  Who May Apply? 

Under USCIS guidelines, the EB-5 Program allows successful applicants to receive US Permanent Resident status (a 'green card') significantly faster than most other naturalization programs. Investing with CARC allows you and your family to avoid certain strict eligibility requirements which affect other US visa programs, including the following:

  • English proficiency: an investor does not need to speak English in order to apply
  • Educational background: the EB-5 Program is open to investors of all education levels
  • Business experience: no business experience is necessary to invest with CARC

However, the EB-5 program is not for everyone. It is designed for non-U.S. persons of sufficient means to deal with the risks of this investment, and who are financially accredited and/or sophisticated as required by applicable securities laws.

For more information, please submit the suitability questionnaire found on this site. Upon our receipt and approval, we will provide a unique username and password which can be used to access confidential information regarding the details of our projects and regional center.

Some additional EB-5 Program requirements include:

  • The investment must be "at-risk" – the return of principal and/or distributions are not guaranteed.
  • The money invested must come from legal sources.
  • The prospective green-card holder must not have violated US immigration or other laws.
  • The prospective green-card holder must submit to and pass a USCIS-administered health examination before he or she can receive a conditional green card.

Participating in the EB-5 program can have significant immigration, financial, tax, and other consequences; therefore, we recommend that any individual seriously contemplating this opportunity obtain independent counsel for immigration, tax, and other matters.